Monday, July 24, 2006

Full Color Feature!

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you once again for coming back to the site. Specifically thank you to those of you who read the site who are not merely friends of mine clicking on my profile link. I thank you for reading the site not out of obligation.

On Sunday morning, I will be leaving town to travel across the country from beautiful Richboro, Pennsylvania, to Los Angeles. Upon my arrival in LA, I will continue updating this blog. In the meantime, I have asked two friends to fill in for me. You may remember Bill, who took the reins last time I was away in May. He will be returning for one week.

Joining Bill on this guest strip period will be Peter Shadzik. Peter was responsible for my big start in the blogosphere when he recruited me to write for his site, Kick The Leftist. Now that it's been a while since KtL gracefully bowed out, I thought it would be interesting to reverse the situation and have him write for my own blog.

I am looking forward to seeing what both Bill and Peter come up with. More details (including the specific schedule) and more posts to come this week...


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