Monday, October 30, 2006

"I Wouldn't Vote For Him If He Were Running For Dog Catcher!"

What kind of dog catcher was trying to catch Marmaduke using a net this small? Isn't that like a butterfly net or something? Come on, let's get realistic. Marmaduke is a fucking Great Dane. Not to mention that in previous Marmaduke comics it has been established that all dog catchers are extremely afraid of Marmaduke because they know he has on at least two occasions in the last few months tricked them into climbing into the back of their own truck, when Marmaduke then drives the truck to the destination of his choosing. So you'd think if they saw Marmaduke walking down the street, possibly ordering a pizza or something, they would call for backup rather than try to catch him with a net that barely fits over his head. With authorities like these, it's no wonder Marmaduke is so easily able to do as he pleases.


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