Friday, November 10, 2006

I Saw The Sign

This time, I changed the text which appears on the image and left the caption the same.
So instead of a joke about salespeople, the strip turns into a commentary on Bush's apparent strides to reach across the aisle over the last few days.
Or maybe it is questioning the intentions of the American Voter. Are they really interested in a new Democratic leadership or were they merely reacting to scandal and corruption?

You know, maybe we should all put aside our partisan differences after this election and join together to answer the real questions facing our nation. Like how does Marmaduke paint signs in English and then attach them to the front door? If we truly want to engage in a War on Terror, isn't it time the President brought the hammer down on Marmaduke's pranks which have wreaked havoc over the entire town of... wait, where does Marmaduke live? I guess we don't really know.
Unknown whereabouts just like al-Qaeda... Oh, you're good, Maramduke. You're good.


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