Friday, December 22, 2006


Well, I would have liked to do another update this week but it's been busy with packing and the holidays, etc. I am headed to Israel for my cousin's Bar Mitzvah right now with my family.

In the meantime, MCV friend Peter Shadzik will be keeping up this blog. Expect some sharp, witty commentary on the current political scene and how it relates to Marmaduke interfering with his family's Christmas plans (the topic of the last two weeks of the real Marmaduke strips if you haven't noticed).

And don't forget about that contest I announced a few weeks ago. Entries have been coming in already, but it isn't too late. A winner will be announced in January. Who can come up with the best political caption for the strip below:

Have a great holiday season and a happy new year. I'll see you all in 2007, just in time for Marmaduke to decide whether or not he's entering the presidential race...


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